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The Jewish Community Council of Montreal was established in the year 1922, when a group of concerned individuals gathered together to address the needs of the Jewish community of Montreal. Since then, the council has established itself as the leading players responsible for the certification of Kosher food products bearing the MK certification mark, the Beth Din of Montreal (Jewish ecclesiastical court), the Ruth Institute (conversion program), and any other aspect pertaining to Jewish life in Montreal. The Jewish Community Council of Montreal, situated at 6825 Decarie, handles all issues and assists members of the community in times of need. Their range of services are pivotal to the ongoing upkeep of the Jewish community.

The Jewish Community Council consists of an executive, council, and presidium. In addition, the Vaad Harabbonim, represented by 10 Rabbis meet weekly to address various issues of Jewish interest, as well as any Halachic queries. The length and breadth of this council's services extend well beyond their original intentions, and the council will continue to serve the community for many years to come.


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