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Q: What is kosher?
A: The Hebrew word kosher means fit or proper as related to dietary laws. It means that a given product is permitted and acceptable. Kosher food must be directly supervised by an outside non-company supervisor, such as a rabbi, who represents an independent "higher authority" that certifies our kashrut.

Kosher dietary laws not only fulfill religious obligations, but also protect people from unclean food or those foods that present health hazards due to the lack of proper sanitation. These laws also promote the fair treatment of animals and reflect the proper methods for processing foods.

Q: What is the meaning of the symbol on the front of DSM food packaging?
A: The symbol, either MK, Star-K, or C.O.R., represents the certification of a nationally recognized kosher certifying agency. The symbol is an assurance that the product has been produced under the supervision of at least one of these organizations and certifies that the food is kosher (fit or proper as related to Jewish dietary laws).

Q: What does pareve mean?
A: Foods that are neither meat nor dairy products nor derivatives of such products are called pareve, a Yiddish word meaning "neutral." Pareve products include all fish, all foods that grow in the earth, and all food products made from them. Also included are all non-animal manufactured food products, such as nondairy creamers and artificial sweeteners.


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