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A kosher kitchen does not permit the mixing of meat and milk. They cannot be eaten, served or cooked together.

Separate sets of utensils are kept for meat foods and dairy foods. Pareve foods (neither milk nor meat) can be eaten or prepared with meat or dairy foods. Neutral (pareve) foods are fresh fruits and vegetables, tea, coffee, grains, etc.

After baking or cooking dairy or meat foods in glass utensils, the utensils become either meat or dairy. Meat and poultry must be properly slaughtered and koshered in the manner outlined in the Jewish dietary laws.

In these days of modern technology there are amazing changes in the food industry. From day to day the grocer's shelves are filled with new products. Convenience foods are emphasized as our lifestyles become busier.

Many foods today carry added vitamins and minerals. Diet conscious people require more nutrients and natural foods with high protein such as soybean, replacing the longstanding regulars.

Kosher Law clearly specifies that kosher meat comes from animals with split hooves that chew their cud. They must be slaughtered in a humane manner clearly described by the sages as "Shechita". The animal must go through rigid inspection and only those that are unquestionably free of disease or blemish are declared KOSHER.

Kashruth supervisory agencies retain a staff of dedicated men of exemplary Torah observance to oversee all aspects of proper slaughter.

Fowl must undergo Shechitah and inspection before the metal tag, Kosher symbol (plombe) is attached to each bird. This seal of required ritual slaughter as well as a Kashruth Certificate, guarantee the observance of the Laws of Kashruth. The poultry dealer generally provides his customer with cleaned, drawn and sectioned birds.

The Torah establishes two criteria to determine what are kosher fish. The fish must have fins and scales. The scales must be easily removable without damaging the skin. [Generally, scales on kosher fish are either thin, rounded and smooth-edged (cycloid) or narrow segments that are similar to teeth of a comb (ctenoid)]. All shellfish are prohibited. Unlike meat and poultry, fish requires no special preparation. Nonetheless, the fish scales must be visible to the consumer in order to establish the kosher status of the fish. Therefore, filleted or ground fish should not be purchased unless properly supervised, or the fillet has a skin tab with scales attached to the flesh. Furthermore, purchasing fish in a non-kosher fish store is problematic, even if the scales are intact, because the knives and tables are not kosher, and Rabbinic guidance should be sought.

Rabbinic law prohibits consumption of fish and meat together.

Processed and smoked fish products require reliable rabbinic supervision, as do all processed foods.


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